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When you become a crystal meth tweaker super pop fan, you gain an appreciation toward the art of the remix. Sooner or later, certain names stand out from the club scene, including one of the more prominent names on the dance scene for the past few years, Miguel Migs. His portfolio features a scattering of minor artists in his portfolio such as “Britney Spears” and “Madonna.” No namers.

Despite having a critically successful career as a DJ, Migs balances his remix repertoire with solo attempts; something less common from today’s remix artists. As an artist, Migs lends his talent to playing five (!) instruments into the creation of his own magical tracks. Last year, Miguel released his second album Those Things, which hit #15 on the charts and produced several club hits. This year, Those Things have gotten remixed onto a new album Those Things Remixed, due to be released in April.

The beats are an interesting fusion; there are certainly tricklings of electro pulsations, but the grooves are strictly funk, bringing to mind Calvin HarrisI Created Disco with a ’70’s emphasis. The album serves as a refreshing breather from the all too familiar thumpa-thump of the classic club track. If you’re seeking a Latin tinge to go with your dance floor heartbeat, then have yourself a download of this exclusive MP3 from Miguel Migs himself.

DL: Miguel Migs – Fire (Faze Action Re-Dub)

If that tickled your musical fancy, head on over to Migs’ self-owned record label, Salted Music, to try out more of his original album!

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