Daily B: Tour Secrets…Revealed. Or Something.

And now, the ET Interview with Britney from her Paris show.

Things you will learn:

+ Britney believes the tour is going ‘really well’ and is having ‘a lot of fun.’

+ Britney is apparently now Jewish if we are to believe the Star of David hanging around her neck.

+ Britney gets to pick through a ‘grab bag’ of goodies (read: toy chest) during each show to customize her outfits, which is why the gloves, glasses, and other trinkets tend to change at each concert. Many of these items are shiny.

+ Britney’s stylist teaches us how to dress Britney in a fashion similar to that of a mother teaching her children how to prepare the Christmas ham.

+ Britney has not only designed the outfits for “Mannequin” (colored wife-beaters), but the choreography as well (with the help of background dancer/fuck friend, Chase.)

No words, really…sometimes you have to just sit there and take in the reality of a situation.

Shakira: She Wolf

Shakira: She Wolf

Let’s face it, this post is primarily an excuse to post that single cover

Kelly Clarkson Didn’t Quite Get What She Wanted.

Kelly Clarkson Didn’t Quite Get What She Wanted.

Well, sort of

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