Shakira: She Wolf

Let’s face it, this post is primarily an excuse to post that single cover again.

Gentleman, guard your crown jewels: The debut of “She Wolf” is upon us. Shakira is now roaring full force into “comeback” mode, prepping the dual language release of the new single, “She Wolf/Loba,” a bloodthirsty stroll on the hunt for fresh meat.

The release precedes her upcoming English album, She Wolf due out on October 5. If you haven’t yet seen it, you must read PopJustice’s review of the She Wolf preview experience. Total awkward brilliance–plus the songs sound great!

I love, love, love Shakira. Personally, I think “Loba” is ever-so-slightly superior to “She Wolf.” Much as “Ojos Asi” is to “Eyes Like Yours” and “Las de la intuición” is to “Pure Intuition,” Shaki’s Spanish renditions always tend to trump their English counterparts in my ears. But to be fair, there’s nothing like a woman who can rhyme “me” with “lycanthropy.” And can anything really trump this choice lyric? “Starting to feel just a little abused / Like a coffee machine in an office.”

Now that is the stuff of true talent.

DL: Shakira – She Wolf

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