Leona Lewis: Strangers

The facts: A new song, presumably off of Leona Lewis‘ follow-up album, has hit the interwebs–a Ryan Tedder-produced track called “Strangers.”

The verdict: Ryan Tedder has done it again–in that he’s produced a song that still sounds like “Halo” and “Already Gone,” just with the BPM kicked up a little bit for a ‘dancier’ vibe. It’s entirely listenable and entirely pre-existing–perfect for a safe return to radio. Factor in the repeat-heavy chorus composition, and you’ve got yourself a probable mini-hit.

Interview With…The Paradiso Girls!

Interview With…The Paradiso Girls!

Maybe you didn’t notice, but there’s an official summer anthem

Elly Jackson Definitely Isn’t The ’80’s.

Elly Jackson Definitely Isn’t The ’80’s.

Left: Actual Missoni advertisement from 1985

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