The bad news: Selegendary Gomezmerizing‘s video for “Slow Down” leaked early last night.

The good news: Breathe me in, breathe me out…it’s so ameh-zeng.

Selegendary is channeling all sorts of pop royalty in the scorching video for “Slow Down” — specifically her two idols: Britney and Cheryl Cole. And it’s all entirely perfection.

As a general rule, it’s never a bad idea to serve face in the backseat of a car. (Ciara‘s been doing that for years!) It allows for some posing and writhing, and that’s exactly what the Lover of Love Songs is doing — presumably whilst on the way to her Stars Dance Tour rehearsals, looking like a goddess while doing so.



Now that she has captured your attention, she’s all up in the club…and it’s all eyes on Selegend! She’s giving you a hint of that Spring Breakers escapist delight (but in a classy way!), she’s giving you an “I’m A Slave 4 U” midriff and she’s giving you hairflips. So, you will bow.



Then she’s strutting down the slick, rainy Parisian streets. Why? Because her car broke down, maybe! Or maybe she just tired of going a year without rain. She moves in an incredibly fierce way, sort of like Britney’s “Stronger.” (Or, just any time Britney struts.) That slicked back hair means business.



And what would a dance-pop track be without a trusty breakdown? Naturally, she’s got us covered in a neon-lit dance breakdown that invokes the dramatics of Chezza’s “Parachute” and “Fight For This Love” (and a shade of Queen B’s “Scream & Shout” high ponytail): It’s nothing that pushes Selegend outside of her limits as a dancer, yet it’s fierce enough — there’s ample bending and snapping, plus “Till The World Ends” baby claps! — to show us why she’s truly become a full-fledged pop princess. JAZZ IT UP!



Between this video, the Stars Dance premiere and that enduring reign of “Come & Get It,” it’s all so clear now: The summer’s not hot without you, Selegend.

Stars Dance will be released on July 23. (iTunes)