Daily B: Are We About to Hear New Britney?


Must everything in Britney’s life be a puzzle?

From Britney.com’s webmaster:

Ode To B Fans

Y’all keep shouting, “Gimme, gimme, gimme more,”
But little do ya know, some surprises are in store.

No matter how many gallons of Celebrity Juice you drink,
There’s more around the corner, so much more than you think.

So please quit breathing heavy, I hate to hear you sigh,
I know I drive you crazy… oops! I did it again, didn’t I?

As much as I lov3 contests, that isn’t what this is about,
I’ll tell you soon enough, ’cause I hate seeing B fans pout.

Now listen very closely, turn your radar up on high,
It’s something fr3sh and new, ok? I’d never tell a lie.

So sit back and relax, be patient one more tim3,
The answer can be found within this little rhyme.


I’m assuming we’re to take the number “3,” used three times throughout the poem. But what does it mean? 3 days until the VMA’s? A new single called “3”? IS SHE HAVING A THIRD BABY?

In addition, the webmaster of GimmeBritney.com–the same place that broke the news about the Singles Collection which was now been confirmed–had this to say in a fan forum:

I’m not gonna post this one to the main site, as I don’t have enough sources to confirm this… but here goes a little tidbit for gimmeBRITNEY readers.

We’re hearing that there is some sort of unveiling of the new Britney single this weekend in America. We’re not sure whether this is a performance at the VMA’s or what – but all the information we’re getting through now is looking EXACTLY like when Womanizer was delayed… this time it’s in reverse.

September is literally the best time ever in a Britney fan’s world. Fact.

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Did You Know Cheryl Cole is Part of Some Girl Group or Something?

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