Del Marquis: The Runaround EP


For the Scissor Sisters guitarist, Del Marquis, the mainstream music industry can be a little, well…limiting.

In the interim between Scissors albums (they’re preparing their latest now!), the artist chose to go his own way and explore an independent solo project for himself, collaborating with several different producers and artists (including Joan as Police Woman and Basement Jaxx) along the way.

After completing a handful of releases over the course of a year and a half, Del Marquis is now rolling out the final thrust of his indie turn with the Runaround EP–a maxi-single complete with eight new tracks and remixes.

“Runaround,” the main single off of the EP, is both a funky, stomping explosion of sound and a passing wink to the leading gentlemen of the New Wave movement–all without ever sounding inauthentic.

Other album tracks include “Lies By the Bed,” a jaunty, sauntering tune, and my personal favorite, “Each Time I Reach the Sun,” a six minute triumph that pits Marquis’ dark, echoey vocals against melancholy guitar chords and a crashing drum beat, at times recalling the greatest melodies from Depeche Mode. “As strange as it ever was, each time I reach the sun,” Marquis distantly coos along the devastatingly addictive chorus, only demanding to be put on repeat time and time again.

As a whole, The Runaround EP is vibrant, fun, and–dare I say–“hip,” proving that a good grove is forever timeless.

Click below to stream “Runaround” in full.

DL: Runaround (Louis La Roche ‘In 1995’ Remix)

The Runaround EP will be released on September 22.

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