Premiere: Adam Tyler, “Fade Into The Light”

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Back in 2011, we premiered Adam Tyler‘s gorgeous electro-ballad, “I Won’t Let You Go.”

Since then, the up-and-coming electro-popper’s been pretty busy: He released his debut album Shattered Ice in August 2011 (not to be confused with Britney‘s “Shattered Glass”), headlined at EQ Music Blog‘s Poptronik Festival in Spain last year alongside MuuMuse favorites like Garçon Garçon, Monarchy, Fernando Garibay and Cazwell, and has already begun working on his second studio album alongside producer Aron Friedman.

Now, he’s preparing to step back into the light in 2013—by fading into it.

“Fade Into The Light” is Adam’s brand new single for 2013—a far more robust, crisp production than anything we’ve heard from him before. Produced by Aron Friedman, the bittersweet track glides between four-to-the-floor trance pulsations and a hypnotic synth throb, complete with an ever-fashionable dubstep breakdown, as Adam’s smooth vocals glide in and seal the deal: “Feeling your heart beat in the black of night, we collide,” he cries.

Ahead of the song’s release next week, MuuMuse is happy to Excluusively premiere “Fade Into The Light” today.

And now, a few words about the song from the man himself:

“Fade Into The Light” was the first song I wrote with Aron Friedman, who I’m working on my second album with. He’s produced a ton of stuff—one of my favorites being “Do It Again” by the girl group Cookie that opened up for Girls Aloud a few years ago. CHOON!

I was inspired to write the song after waking up from one of the best dreams I’ve ever had. In the dream, I was in this incredible, loving relationship with my high school crush, and if felt like something out of a movie I woke up and thought to myself, “Damn, that was awesome…aaaaaaand back to reality.” It was one of those moments where I wanted to go back to sleep and fall back into that dream. So I wrote “Fade Into The Light about being with the one you love only in your dreams, because in reality, it’s an unrequited love. It’s a bit sad, but I think a lot of people can relate—even if it’s dreaming about being with a celebrity or something, and then coming back down to Earth and realizing it’s only fantasy. It’s lyrically one of my favorite songs that I’ve written. And I love how we fit a ballad, a dance track, and dubstep all in one track…it takes you on a journey!

And that about sums it up. Listen to the track above, and if you dig it, pre-order the song now on iTunes.

Oh, and it’s Adam’s birthday today—so go ahead and send him some B-Day L-U-V on Twitter or Facebook now!

Full lyrics below.

Dreams are where I run to stay
So I can have you near without the chase
My imagination paints the perfect picture

When I slip to fantasy
I can feel your light surrounding me
It’s the only time I know I’ll have you closer

I’ve never had the chance to hold you tight
When I look at you with open eyes
I just need a trip into the dream land here tonight

Feeling your heart beat in the black of night
We collide
But like stars you fade into the light

Seeing you so clearly when I close my eyes
I feel alive
But like stars you fade into the light

When I face reality
You keep your distance when you’re close to me
This suffocating truth is killing me slowly

Let me close my eyes to be
in a rapture made from you and me
I’ll runaway from the world that’s leaving me lonely

Let me sleep
So I can dream
You’re only there when all I see is darkness
Turn off the lights
Cover my eyes
So I don’t have to bear another minute with the heartless

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