Worshipping Paris Hilton’s “Come Alive” Single Art Is The Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do Today

Happy 4th Of July, everybody! I hope your celebration is the most festive, personal and patriotic to date, filled with friends, family and — most importantly — food. (I’ve seen how some of you like to handle a hot dog.)

Just in time to celebrate all things USA, Queen Of Dance-Pop, Simple Life starlet and Iconic Heiress Paris Hilton just announced that her new single, “Come Alive,” is dropping on July 8. Plus, we got a little hint about what’s to come: Entertainment Tonight reveals that the song was “written by Hilton and Mr. Beats with a decidedly summer vibe, skewing more towards pop than her last dance-heavy single.” GULP.

After inviting us all (via Instagram) onto the set of her glam-as-fuck video shoot last week for not one, but two new songs, the “Stars Are Blind” siren just dropped the (drop dead) beautiful cover art for her “Good Time” follow-up — and truly, every pop bitch in the building just went bald.


Princess Paris is giving you face, body-ody-ody, stilettos and diamonds for days, darling. Even the fonts are fancy and glamorous. This is rich as fuck! Your fave certainly couldn’t — they probably couldn’t even afford to stare at it for long without overdrawing their checking account.

That’s all for now. God Bless America, and God Bless Paris. Save us from these boring pop basics, P!

Paris Hilton Records Music Video



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