Jade Ewen: An All-Encompassing Guide


With the ominous silence emanating from the Sugababes‘ label (and Keisha‘s otherwise chit-chatty Twitter page), I thought I’d fill the void with a small research project on any and all things to know about the possibly burgeoning ‘Babe, Jade Almerie Louise Ewen.

• Jade was born in a council estate (English equivalent of the American term, ‘the projects’) in Plaistow (East London) to two disabled parents, which is actually quite sad.

• It gets happier: She won a scholarship to the Sylvia Young Theatre School, where she got her big break as Nala in The Lion King at age 12.

• But then it got a little sad again: She joined a failed girl group called Trinity Stone (which I faintly recall), was signed to Kwame‘s label, and released a dire single called “Stolen Love.”

• According to her MySpace write-up, Jade has “the technical abilities of Whitney and Mariah, and the aspirational cool of Rihanna and Lady GaGa.” This, if you haven’t figured it out yet, means that Jade Ewen is literally the greatest pop star of all time.

• Her favorite color is purple. Major points for that one.

• Her favorite number is 13, which is actually not nearly as ‘zany’ as one might think.

• Ewen was this year’s UK pick for Eurovision, singing the Dianne Warren and Andrew Lloyd Webber-penned “It’s My Time.” She placed fifth overall.

• She writes songs that sound good: She did “A Little Bit” for Booty Luv and “Let Me Be Me” for Jessica Mauboy.

• Conveniently, her real debut single is being released TODAY. It is called “My Man,” and it is very modern sounding (read: if you’ve listened to radio in the past two years, you’ve basically heard this one before) and is generally good on the first play, somewhat dodgy on the second, and fairly irresistible by the third.

In summation, I would not mind a Jade Ewen addition to the ‘Babes. Even though the British tabloids keep questioning the accuracy of the rumored Amelle rupture, the radio silence on their end can only lead to one obvious conclusion: SOMETHIN’ GON’ HAPPEN SOON.

Purchase “My Man” on iTunes UK | MySpace | Official Website

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