MuuMuse’s Most Anticipated of 2013 (Part Two!)

Yesterday, I kicked off MuuMuse’s Most Anticipated list for 2013. You want more? Well, I’ll give you more. Away we go!

Britney Spears, TBA (Eighth Studio Album)

What it is: It’s Britney, bitch.
Expected shelf date: 2013
Confirmed tracks: None
Production by: Darkchild, Danja
What we know: Very little, as always. Speculation began to stir around the time of the X Factor premiere, especially as Britney’s Elle shoot found her posing inside of a recording studio. Was she preparing for Album #8? You heard the answer straight from the Holy Spearit herself, courtesy of my own hard-hitting, face-to-face MuuMuse Excluusive: “Not yet.” But she’s a little li-yah: During an episode of X Factor, we saw B sitting in a studio with Darkchild. In October, Danja confirmed that a reunion with Britney was coming. And just before Halloween, Britney had us spitting our Strawberry Frappes all over the screen when she casually suggested recordingBlackout 2.0.” We all hate fuckin’ waiting, but the time is nigh–2013: Year Of The Spears.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: The sound of pop being revolutionized yet again by the legendary Miss Britney Spears.

Ashlee Simpson, TBA (Fourth Studio Album)

What it is: A Simpson sister steps out from the shadows once again.
Expected shelf date: 2013
Confirmed tracks: “Bat With A Heart”
Production by: Linda Perry
What we know: Ashlee Simpson’s been mostly invisible (reference!) since 2008’s massively underrated Bittersweet World, but she’s been slowly tinkering behind-the-scenes. Back in 2010, she was telling Paper that her new record would be “folky,” but plans seems to have since shifted: She described the new album to Nylon as “a little soulful, a little electronic” back in July, and in September, she explained that there’s “definitely a dance element” to the new tunes. To kick off the campaign, she released the wonderfully broody first taste of new music on Halloween: “Bat For A Heart,” which, according to the song’s writer Linda Perry, is just a demo. Still, it’s a delicious taste of things to come.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Left-of-center synth-pop, with a side of grit.

Ciara, One Woman Army (Fifth Studio Album)

What it is: The make-or-break record.
Expected shelf date: Early 2013
Confirmed tracks: “Sorry,” Got Me Good,” “Sweat,” “One Woman Army,” “Livin’ It Up,” “Super Turnt Up”
Production by: Darkchild, Tricky Stewart, Hit-Boy The Underdogs, Jermaine Dupri, Soundz, Ali Tamposi, Livvi Franc
What we know: The oft-panned R&B-pop princess has endured her fair share of floppage over the past few years, including the tanking of her last studio album, (the unfortunately titled) Basic Instinct. After shifting over to Epic Records, she’s now L.A. Reid’s biggest bet for success in 2013. Despite what the hyperbolic press releases proclaim however, CiCi’s latest singles have fared no better than her 2011 campaign. Still, her album boasts production from an all-star roster of pop producers, and if/when the record drops (currently given the ominously vague release date of “Winter”), she may very well surprise us with one of the year’s most fun productions. I, for one, am rooting for her.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Fresh, back-bend friendly beats and addictive melodies.

Lily Rose Cooper, TBA (Third Studio Album)

What it is: The much-needed comeback from MySpace’s greatest gem.
Expected shelf date: 2013
Confirmed tracks: None
Production by: Greg Kurstin
What we know: After dropping 2009’s It’s Not Me, It’s You (which remains one of the greatest pop records this decade), the artist formerly known as Lily Allen announced a musical hiatus back in 2010. It didn’t last long: The outspoken songstress slowly began creeping back into the studio this year. In June, she tweeted that she had reunited with Greg Kurstin, just “throwing shit at the wall and seeing if anything sticks.” In August, she announced that she’d be releasing her new record under her married name, Lily Rose Cooper, and that she had “booked further studio time.” She told NME back in October that she wouldn’t release anything until it’s “amazing or, you know, good” and that there probably wouldn’t be any new music until next year. In the meantime, she appeared on P!nk‘s new record for a duet called “True Love.”
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Dagger-sharp lyricism atop bubbly synth-pop beats from one of the defining voices of our generation.

Kelly Rowland, Year of the Woman (Fourth Studio Album)

What it is: Destiny’s (other) Child making her mark.
Expected shelf date: 2013
Confirmed tracks: “Ice (feat. Lil Wayne)”
Production by: Rico Love, Sean Garrett, Darkchild, Diane Warren, The Runners, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis
What we know: After dropping her steamy Lil Wayne collaboration “Ice” in August (which is more or less a carbon-copy of their 2011 collaboration “Motivation,” let’s be real), the former Destiny’s Child songstress is reportedly returning to her R&B roots. In October, K. Row announced the name of her new album on her website, and declared it “one of my greatest pieces of work.” She told Vegas Magazine that the album’s inspired by “classic rhythm and blues,” with inspiration from soulful icons like Whitney Houston and Marvin Gaye. And this time around, she’s got a solid concept in mind: “It’s for my ladies, oh, yes, and it is strong.”
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Melodic, memorable anthems for strong, independent women.

Katy B, TBA (Second Studio Album)

What it is: An underground dance diva’s return to the floor.
Expected shelf date: Early 2013
Confirmed tracks: None
Production by: Guy Chambers, Mark Ronson, Joker, Geenius, Magnetic Man
What we know: After releasing her debut On A Mission in April of 2011, it didn’t take UK grime/dubstep indie darling Katy B too long at all to head back to the studio. In June of this year, she told Daily Star that the new record is “still a dance album,” but revolves “less around repetitive beats,” and that the record would be about “womanhood, and finding out what my responsibilities are.” Just a few days ago, she quietly released her 4-track EP Danger, an eclectic dance set featuring an impressive suite of artists and producers, including Jessie Ware, Diplo, Iggy Azealia and Wiley.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Dance done outside of the box of dubstep breaks and half-step beat builds.

JoJo, TBA (Third Studio Album)

What it is: A pop powerhouse finally being set free.
Expected shelf date: Early 2013
Confirmed tracks: “Demonstrate”
Production by: Noah “40” Shabib
What we know: It’s not coming off the list until it happens. Delayed since 2007 due to a crippling record deal with the unbelievably corrupt Blackground Records, JoJo’s long-awaited third studio album–formerly known as Jumping Trains–has been a long time coming (understatement of the century). In June, the talented singer-songstress told MTV News that she was heading in a “new direction” and starting over with the album. Halfway done at the time, she compared it to TLC‘s classic CrazySexyCool, and explained that she was developing the newer, more mature sound in the vein of her sexy icy-R&B flirtation, “Demonstrate.” She also said she’s been inspired by “’90’s music” lately, as well as the raunchiness of 50 Shades of Grey.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Sensual, next-level R&B from a grown ass woman who deserves to be a superstar.

Cher, TBA (Twenty Sixth Studio Album)

What it is: The return of an icon.
Expected shelf date: March 2013
Confirmed tracks: “Woman’s World,” “Collide,” “The Greatest Thing (feat. Lady Gaga)”
Production by: P!nk, Lady Gaga, Paul Oakenfold, Timbaland
What we know: It’s been well over a decade (!) since her last studio album (2001’s Living Proof,) but the prolific entertainer is back: After translating her tweets from Cher to English, we know she’s kept Little Monsters salivating at the promise of a long-delayed duet with Gaga for over a year (“The Greatest Thing”), recorded tracks penned by P!nk, and she’s even been in the studio with Timbaland. She’s described her upcoming LP as “Eclectic! Lots of dance, but none [are] SAME KIND OF DANCE ! Have Big ass Choruses,Some HEART RIPPERS.” Most recently, Cher caused a commotion last month with the premiere of her phenomenal Oakenfold-produced dance floor anthem, “Woman’s World.”
MuuMuse hopes to hear: A legend showing these 20-something pop tarts what a real pop record sounds like.

Queen of Hearts, TBA (Debut Studio Album)

What it is: A synth-pop up-and-comer gunning straight for pop royalty.
Expected shelf date: 2013
Confirmed tracks: “Freestyle,” “Neon,” “Tears In The Rain,” “Warrior”
Production by: Diamond Cut, Stefan Storms, John Myers
What we know: Rising UK songstress Queen of Hearts brought herself some major blog buzz in early 2012 with the release of the “Neon”/”Tears In The Rain” EP earlier this year, a cross somewhere between Kylie Minogue, Kleerup and Ladytron. She continued the brilliance this winter with the release of her latest single, “Warrior,” a truly masterful moment of twinkling electronica, ambient synthesizers and crystalline vocals. Most recently, she described the upcoming record’s sound to Idol Magazine as “tears on the dance floor.” Quite promising, indeed.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Something synth-y, sad and regal.

Beyonce, TBA (Fifth Studio Album)

What it is: The return of King Bey.
Expected shelf date: 2013
Confirmed tracks: None
Production by: Hit-Boy, Kanye West, Miguel
What we know: Beysus has been hiding out with Hit-Boy and Kanye West for the latter half of 2012, reportedly renting out entire studios and hiring major security teams to make sure no one’s heard a single peep. Most recently, R&B star Miguel posted an Instagram in the studio with Beyonce. And with the newly announced Superbowl Halftime show in the works, it’s only a matter of time before we hear the new tunes.
MuuMuse hopes to hear: Forward-thinking R&B-infused club anthems a la B-Day? Throwback soul, a la 4? Lullabies to Blue Ivy? Speculation hardly matters: Whatever it is, it’s going to be big.

More coming later this week…

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