Even the Queen of Electrocrap needs to get her glam on from time to time!

Please enjoy the brand new video for “I Feel Cream,” the title track of Peaches‘ 2009 album released earlier this year.

“Cream” has always been one of my favorites from the bunch, due in large part to the song’s lush synthesizers and pulsating disco energy. Appropriately, the video takes a hint from the track, featuring a rather subdued Ms. Nisker voguing against an array of bright lights and neon colors like no other anti-disco diva before her.

And as for the couture featured throughout the clip? Let’s just say that if it wasn’t already established, this is totally the year that shoulder pads made a comeback. Whether or not that’s a good thing remains to be seen.

Thanks to Tastes Like Caramel for the find!

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