Meet Mileo! His full name is Miles Curtis Sesselmann — so, y’know, let’s just go with “Mileo.”

Mileo is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter, originally born and raised in Australia (Sydney, to be precise), although his family hails from both Norway and England. Therefore, he is quite worldly.

Last year, Mileo met with singer-songwriter-manager David Eriksen in Oslo, who in turn signed Mileo to his label, Eccentric Music. And ever since then, the two have been working on material for Mileo’s debut — and “Echo” is the first taste of what’s to come from the budding star.

The song was co-produced by Thomas Eriksen (of The Saturdays‘ “For Myself” and Rachel Stevens‘ “Dumb Dumb,” most importantly). The result is an atmospheric dance-pop production, filled with dreamy synths a la Ellie Goulding‘s “Lights” and pulverizing beat breakdowns that bring Avicii to mind. But don’t let the fear of trend-hopping EDM deter you — this is a choice tune.

Mileo’s emotive vocals are especially intriguing, tenderly fluttering like Ellie or (French pop reference!) Najoua Belyzel, Nadia Ali or maybe even a less grating version of Shakira‘s yodeling. (Not shade, just the facts.)

The boy’s singing with his heart on his sleeve, and he wants you to know that he believes in you: “I’m in love with the way you haunt me/And I don’t care if it hurts to say it/If you don’t love me, then say so/Echo ooo-ooh-ooh-oh!” Mileo may be young, but he’s already discovered the secret of success: It’s all about communication. Also, that brief agonized bridge (“Is anybody listening?“) certainly provides a shiver before launching right back into that surging chorus.

“Echo” is only out on iTunes in Norway and Sweden because everything in life is is difficult, but hey — at least it’s on YouTube too. So enjoy the tune! I’ve had this one on solid repe-pe-pe-peat today…as should you.

Thanks for the recommendation, Muuser Nora H.!

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