Two Door Cinema Club: I Can Talk (French Horn Rebellion Remix)


A while back in January, I wrote an introductory post about Two Door Cinema Club, an up-and-comin’ threesome hailing from Ireland.

Well, they’re like…back and stuff. “I Can Talk” is the next single to be released by the boys on only the trendiest of labels, Kitsune Records. It’s loud and exciting, and basically yet another reason this band is on their way to achieving bigger and better things.

Here for your musical consumption comes the French Horn Rebellion remix of their new single. The song will also be released on the upcoming compilation, Kitsune Maison 8, which is sort of like the NOW! That’s What I Call Music be-all, end-all guide for hipsters.

DL: Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk (French Horn Rebellion Remix)

Titiyo: Crystal Clear Mud

Titiyo: Crystal Clear Mud

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Rihanna’s Official Website Confirms…Something.

Rihanna’s Official Website Confirms…Something.

This image, along with a sign-up form, has just cropped up on Rihanna‘s

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