On Thursday, Sister 2 Sister Magazine reported that Beyoncé flew over 200 African dancers over to Los Angeles to shoot the video for her forthcoming single, “Girl.”

Now, more details have surfaced from a a Beyonce World Forum member: The video is to be directed by Francis Lawrence (“I’m A Slave 4 U,” “Bad Romance”), will feature choreography contributions from at least 8 different choreographers, and that the song is “a definite club banger” that samples “a popular club song” and contains a “fucking disgustingly sick” breakdown.

To add to the steadily stewing rumors now swirling the web, I’ve had it on very good authority for weeks that the “sample of a popular club song” is none other than Major Lazer‘s “Pon De Floor.”

From ATRL Forums:

My friend got there and there were like 200 or more people in the room. A lot of Bey’s old dancers and probably every major dancer and choreographer you could think of. The song is called “Girl”. The video is being directed by Francis Lawrence. He was also there. 8 or 9 choreographers contributed to the routine. Danielle Polanco and Luam were 2 of those choreographers. Beyonce was there of course going over the routine and they were figuring out which pieces of the choreography they would be showcasing in the music video. The theme of “Girl” is like a female empowerment/girl power type of song that is a definite club banger with Top 40/Worldly appeal. The beat is driven by a sample of a popular club song that a lot of you will probably recognize. There’s a breakdown in the song that is described as absolutely fucking disgustingly sick! Definitely an anthem in the style of her singing. My friend couldn’t remember exact lyrics, but “Girl…girl….girl” is repeated a lot through out the song.

Ladies? Fasten your wigs accordingly.