Uffie: Album News, Single News, and the Video Premiere of…Pop the Glock?!

Yeah, you read that correctly: Uffie‘s here. I would say “back,” but she was never really “here” to begin with, was she?

Surviving over three years of delays and push-backs, the Ufferlump’s debut album Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans is finally prepared to see a release in early 2010 according to label owner Busy P’s blog.

Along with posting this video, Busy P announces that not only is Uff prepping a new single with Pharrell Williams next (!!), but that Mirwais was involved with four tracks off of her upcoming album (!!!).

Mirwais, if you didn’t know, is the rather talented French electronica producer responsible for much of Madonna‘s Music, American Life, and Confessions On A Dance Floor. He also produced a fabulous album in the spring with Yasmine Hamdan called Arabology. It’s a must if you haven’t already checked that out (Click here to stream some tracks.)

Anyway, this is the video for the 2006 track “Pop The Glock,” the beginning of the album’s fruition.

The clip is essentially a fashion paradise, featuring some hipsters, loads of killer stilettos, and clever, offbeat product placement galore. And yes, the song is still hot three years later.

So go grab a sandwich or something, Ke$ha…the real electro-trash princess has arrived. That is…until she passes out again.

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