She’s done it again: Teenage Dream-turned-gothic goddess Katy Perry has just released a second teaser ahead of her upcoming Prism lead single, “Roar.” And just like the first one on Friday, it’s undeniably fierce.

There’s still no new music featured in the brief teaser (called “The Third Coming” — as in Prism, her third studio album), but the meaning’s just the same: Out with the old, in with the new.

This time around, Katy and a crowd of mourners stand in front of a white casket, complete with the pinwheel costume from her California Dreams Tour. What happened to the dearly departed? Hit by a golden truck, maybe. Between the hysterical shriek of terror from the “California Gurls” bobbleheads and Katy’s knowing smirk, she’s striking just the right balance between sarcastic black humor and genuinely thrilling pop slayage.

Once again: Saying everything by saying nothing — that’s how you promote an album.

Will “Roar” live up to the hype? Let us pray.

“Roar” will be released on August 12. (iTunes)