Beyonce ft. Lady Gaga: Video Phone (Video Premiere)

Bitches be crazy.

Right now, there’s just too much juiciness to process: The toy guns, the neon, the camera-head men, the copious Beysus breast jiggling. And then of course there’s Gaga, who, I’m going to call this one like it is, looks like a complete and utter crack whore…IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE.

But honestly, who the fuck gives Lady Gaga a weapon? Fake or otherwise, I’m surprised there were no on-set injuries.

I’m actually surprised by a lot of things in this video: I’m surprised that Kermit the Frog didn’t make an appearance as ‘Sexy Blindfolded Man Dancer Number Five.’ I’m surprised Gaga did not cry Gaga-tears-of-beauty during the dance breakdown. I am also surprised that Jesus did not stop by for a quick cameo in the background.

Above all, I’m surprised and shocked that not only did the two superstars manage to keep their breasticles from exploding out from underneath those white leotards, but their massive egos as well.

God…I love this so hard! Job well done, divas.


Regarding the Fame Monster…

Regarding the Fame Monster…

Oh Gaga, you’ve left me speechless

Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster (Album Review)

Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster (Album Review)

As Torrance Shipman once said in the 2000 classic, Bring It On,

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