Titiyo: If Only Your Bed Could Cry ft. Moto Boy (Video Premiere)

Here comes “If Only Your Bed Could Cry,” yet another brilliant track off of Swedish delight Titiyo‘s album, Hidden, which will be released in Europe later this fall and the US in 2010.

Who knew the trials and tribulations of being a bell boy could have such emotionally draining effects? Then again, if everyone was walking around in Fever Ray-esque masks and making out in my elevator, I wouldn’t be too pleased either.

As with “Awakening” and “Crystal Clear Mud” before, “If Only” is a mercilessly haunting song, as though written with late night reflections and early morning regrets specifically in mind.

Oh, and I knew Moto Boy sounded familiar–I did a post about his work almost two years ago! My, how blog time flies. He’s still great!

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