Ladies and gentlemen…here’s Grace!

Brigitte Fontaine is an avant-garde poet/singer from France. Her latest album released in the latter part of 2009, Prohibition, was produced by Ivor Guest, the producer behind Grace Jones‘ latest effort, Hurricane.

According to the user who uploaded the song on YouTube, “Brigitte’s poetry in this song emblazons her love on Sufism” for “Soufi,” one of the artist’s album tracks that features Guest’s dramatic production and Grace Jones’ unmistakable vocal contributions.

For Jones, this is a very natural continuation of the Hurricane sound, marked by a rapid-fire electronic beats and jarring, damning string sounds.

The uploader also suggests that Jones lent her voice to more than just this one track on the album…I guess we’ll have to wait for confirmation on that!

Grace Jones has this incredible way of continuing to maintain an underground presence. You never know where she’ll crop up next!