The girls of G.R.L. are moving forward, but not before honoring the memory of their original member.

Four months after the tragic loss of Simone Battle, the Robin Antin-curated girl group has returned to deliver a touching, emotional tribute in the form of “Lighthouse.”

The reassuring power ballad, crafted alongside Dr. Luke and Cirkut, sees the girls banding together and providing support for one another: “When the night gets cold and the lights go out/The sun is gone behind the clouds, and you feel lost and I’ll reach out to guide you home with my lighthouse.”

As if the song wasn’t tear-inducing enough, the accompanying video is truly devastating, featuring photos and videos of Simone from her childhood all the way to her G.R.L. days performing, rehearsing and just generally goofing around cut in between the remaining foursome looking solemn and huddling together in a sparse, lightbulb-filled room. And by the very end, the whole troupe breaks down in each other’s arms.

It’s difficult to watch, but a beautiful tribute nonetheless.

In addition to “Lighthouse,” the girls have also partnered with the Give An Hour organization, dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues in America and providing resources for those who may be struggling.

Rest in peace, Simone.

“Lighthouse” was released on January 15. (iTunes)