About an hour ago, I got an anonymous e-mail linking to this very strange little video, which was uploaded onto YouTube about three hours ago by a user named “iamamiwhoami.”

Be warned: The graphics are somewhat disturbing without actually being disturbing. There’s some dripping trees, some weird close-ups of a long-lashed lady covered in mud, some general licking of things…I’m not really sure what’s going on.

While this is clearly of the viral campaign persuasion, I just can’t figure out who’s behind it! In fact, I can’t even guarantee that it’s for an artist–it may turn out to be a movie teaser.

Still, the background music is intriguing, and it was sent to MuuMuse after all, which is why I’m hopeful that it’s for an upcoming music campaign. Is it The Knife? Fever Ray? Goldfrapp? Some Tweet friends have suggested perhaps Aphex Twin, Björk, or even Mademoiselle Gaga judging by the close-ups.

I have no idea, but I pray that it’s not something disappointingly boring in the end.

Any ideas, Muusers?