Hey, You Know What Was An Amazing Song? Hilary Duff’s “Holiday”

Here at MuuMuse, we like to make dreams come true.

I received an impassioned email yesterday from a Muuser with a very simple request:

Hi :). i was wondering if you could do a feature on the songs that are hidden gems and feature Hilary Duff’s- Holiday and also the equally amazing remix featured on her Best Of album.
I recently discovered this song myself and wonder how i had not heard it before. It’s an absolute amazeballs of a track.
With its surging dance beat that makes you want to get up and dance!!

Please do a review. Thanks

BOOM: Wish granted in the form of a “Hey, You Know What Was An Amazing Song?” post.

(Even though the last “Hey, You Know What Was An Amazing Song?” was also by Hilary Duff–“Beat Of My Heart,” which you should read now!–it doesn’t matter, because everything Hilary Duff has ever recorded is amazing.)

“Holiday” was produced by OneRepublic front-man and producer Ryan Tedder–he of Beyonce‘s “Halo” and Leona Lewis‘ “Bleeding Love” fame–and co-penned by both Hilary and her sister, Haylie Duff. Originally recorded back in 2007, the song was intended to be released on an upcoming re-release of her incredible fourth studio album, Dignity.

Peppered with chilly, twinkling synthesizers and an infectious mid-tempo shuffle (classic Tedder), the song follows a forlorn Duff longing for a love long gone–a most perfect companion for those suffering a bout of the holiday blues. “Now in the summer I miss you/And in the winter I miss you/It don’t matter what I do since you went away,” Duff gorgeously croons above the song’s sparkling bridge.

According to Duff in a XM BPM radio interview with DJ Joe Bermudez from back in November of ’07, she was planning to pen one more song before releasing “Holiday” (which she referred to as her “favorite”) as the first or second single off the re-release.

Sadly Hollywood Records scrapped the idea, opting instead to release the song (along with the Depeche Mode-sampling lead single, “Reach Out”) on Best Of Hilary Duff in 2008, her second greatest hits collection, along with an incredible remix by Joe Bermudez & Chico.

While the shelved re-release of Dignity is truly a shame, the cancellation of “Holiday” as a single is nothing short of a pop travesty. For now, all we can do now is listen to this icy gem on repeat (and pray that Duff follows through on the plan to record a fifth studio album.) Let the snow come down and wake my dreams!

Best of Hilary Duff was released in November of 2008. (iTunes)

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