The video for “Rude Boy” is here, adding yet another piece of perfection to the sublimity that is the Rated R promo campaign.

Ditching the moody noir of Rated R for a moment, Riri takes us on a much needed trip to the tropics in her newly released video. It’s bright, brash, and everything I could have hoped for and more. The hip twerks! The lip action! THE RUDENESS.


Sure, there are copious amounts of similarity to M.I.A.‘s signature style and Grace Jones‘ work with Keith Haring from the mid-eighties, but this doesn’t feel the least bit ‘stolen’ to me. In fact, everything about the “Rude Boy” video screams authentic: This is how this island girl gets down, and she is such a fuckin’ lady about it.

Beg to differ and call her a thief (a swagger jacker, if you will)? I don’t care. I love this woman, and all I want is more.