Tove Lo Pressure Martin Garrix

Tove Lo & Martin Garrix Apply the “Pressure”

A dark and moody moment for the (hypothetical) club.

Tove Lo, Queen of the Clouds™, can truly do no wrong.

After supplying us with her Sunshine Kitty in 2019 (followed by the 2020 reissue), as well as stellar one-offs like “Bikini Porn,” her perfect cover of “I’m Coming” and her cross-cultural club tag-team “Don’t Say Goodbye,” the 33-year-old Swedish singer-songwriter returns on Friday (February 5) with another dance floor-oriented offering: “Pressure,” alongside EDM superstar Martin Garrix.

It’s an understated throbber, full of the signature carnal desire and flirtations with danger that always seems to pervade throughout Tove’s catalog.

While it doesn’t entirely go awrf like a massive festival banger one would expect from Garrix a la “In the Name of Love” with Power Bitch Moves maker Bebe Rexha, it does still supply the pulse necessary to break a sweat in the club that’s existed solely in your head for the past 11 months and counting. Too real? Sorry. Needless to say, this does not make the wait for socializing any easier.

Always under pressure,” Tove moans along the dark pulsations.

“This track hit me in all the right places and I really wanted to be a part of it. It’s cool that it’s a slightly new direction for both me and Garrix! Lyrically it’s all about destructive passion and lack of self-control. Which feels amazing until it drives you crazy. I’m very excited for this to be our first collab, I hope all our fans feel it!” Tove said of the collaboration.

The accompanying, all-too-short music video is similarly intense, as the main character goes on a Kill Bill-style quest for vengeance after having her eyeballs plucked out of her head by some sort of black market organ thief. (Yes, it’s a bit of a gruesome clip.)

With any luck, this is only the start of the “Disco Tits” diva’s musical adventures in 2021. Keep your laser eyes trained on Tove.

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Photo credit: Moni Haworth

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