The users/part-time sleuths over at ONTD have made what appears to be a rather compelling educated guess as to who’s behind the Iamamiwhoami campaign–and no, you probably haven’t heard of her.

It’s not Christina Aguilera. It’s not Karin Dreijer, and it’s not The Golden Filter–it’s Jonna Lee, a 29-year-old Swedish singer-songwriter.

Check out the ONTD post right now: the facial similarities; the voice; the teeth. There are certainly some strong similarities. But does it all add up?

The singer is due to perform at this year’s SXSW Festival. With the mystery woman’s face becoming more and more identifiable with each coming Iamamiwhoami video, does this mean that the campaign is winding down in time for her debut at the festival?

For more on Lee, click here to view her MySpace.

What do you think? Have the members of ONTD caught our nature nymph, Muusers?