Well, evidently Kelly Clarkson watched Madonna‘s 2015 BRIT Awards performance too.

Following the release of “Run, Run, Run” with John Legend, “Piece By Piece,” “Invincible” and “Heartbeat Song,” the My December goddess has revealed “Take You High,” an uplifting (literally!) piece of her forthcoming album, Piece By Piece.

Surrounded by heavenly strings, the songstress sweetly assures that she’ll be there for you when you fall.

The most interesting part of the production comes immediately after the chorus, as the track suddenly dives into a brief, stuttering breakdown of glitchy vocals and electronic beats. It’s an Imogen Heap-esque moment, kind of — or at least slightly more experimental as far as the usual Clarkso cut is concerned.

The message of the song is basically this:


Are you feeling lifted?

When your angels fall out of the sky, I’ll be the wings that make you fly/When you come down, I’ll take you high…

“Piece By Piece” was released on February 24. (iTunes)