This week has had its ups and downs prior to the release of this video–a bad promo picture, a good one, and back again, with some on-again, off-again, titillating video teasers.

Now, the full product is here. And the final verdict?

I love it.

Everything about this video is sharp, cutting and vibrant–the lighting, the colors, the dancing, etc. Actually, I don’t know that Aguilera’s dancing has ever been more on point than in this moment. If it has, we certainly haven’t seen it that strong since the Dirrty days.

Could it be called ‘too raunchy’? Possibly, but I think the singer did a good job of commanding her sexuality rather than using it as a tool. The “Can’t Hold Us Down” mantra–(“The guy gets all the glory the more he can score / While the girl can do the same and yet you call her a whore”)–still holds here, and I love the confidence she’s projecting.

As for the Gaga comparisons? Please. If she’s jackin’ anyone’s swagga, it’s Madonna, but I still don’t believe that’s what’s happening here. Instead, I see very obvious references to “Express Yourself,” “Erotica,” and “Human Nature” (basically all of Madge’s ‘bad girl’ era of the early nineties), but I find them to be well-intended homages, not attempts to swipe anyone’s style.

While the promo photos that surfaced all looked a bit desperate, I can honestly say that this video feels like a ‘moment,’ or at least another solid milestone in Aguilera’s career.

All in all, I wholeheartedly approve. Now go and work this single out, mama.