Meet Filipino singer and YouTube sensation, Charice.

With a voice that brings to mind the greatest of the greats (no really, think Celine Dion), the young artist has the potential to become a reigning diva in the industry…and she’s not even 18 yet. Don’t believe me about her singing ability? Check out her EPK.

Her debut single, “Pyramid (ft. Iyaz)” has already begun infiltrating Top 40 radio, which you can now hear below. It’s a pretty little mid-tempo melody, sort of like something you’d expect from the likes of Jojo (it strongly recalls “Too Little Too Late”) or Jordin Sparks. Nothing revolutionary of course, but a solid way to start a career nonetheless.

For me, part of what makes Charice so intriguing–apart from her phenomenal voice–is her ethnicity.

As I’ve discussed before, the presence of Asian artists in the American mainstream pop scene is next to non-existent.

Given that Japan is the second largest music market in the world (not to mention the steadily growing markets in Korea and China), it’s always shocking to watch major superstars from overseas fail time and time again in their attempts to crossover to the American market–let alone the astounding lack of Asian American presence from within our own country!

The fact that there’s a new, incredibly talented contender with the potential to diversify the playing field and represent a vastly underrepresented sector of American society on the mainstream level? Now that’s something to get excited about.

Charice’s debut album will be released on May 11 on 143/Reprise Records.

Click here to preview and download “Pyramid (ft. Iyaz)” on iTunes.

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