Boogaloo Stu: Forever More (Single Review)

The name Boogaloo Stu hasn’t made its way onto MuuMuse since the very early days of its inception (Oh hey, May 2008!), but it’s about to reemerge from the depths.

As kind of a pre-Gaga creation, Stu’s music and image– at least to me–was all about celebratory ’80’s kitsch and quirky pop melodies a la “Magnetic Heart.” Well, I believe I’ve been mistaken.

With “Forever More,” Stu has toned down the camp considerably (well, lyrically anyway) and given into some vastly moodier electro-pop. This is some seriously good stuff–a darker, more complex synth production in the same vein as Alex Gardner‘s “I’m Not Mad” or a scaled down version of Röyksopp and Robyn‘s “Girl and the Robot.”

“I tell you now that this is real. I can’t erase the way I feel,” Stu monotones, “I’m gonna love you.” I was absolutely obsessed when I first heard it, and I remain very much so now.

The “Forever More” EP will be released on June 21.

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