Introduucing…Tiffany Page!

I first heard of Tiffany Page a few months ago when I received the rehearsal video for her song, “Walk Away Slow.” She seemed genuine and raw; a rockstress-in-the-making with a touch of Courtney Love. Three months later, and she’s now opening for Hole in the UK. I guess there was reason for that comparison!

The English singer’s new single, “On Your Head,” is a more pop-friendly affair than her other tracks, incorporating sunny elements reminiscent of Santigold‘s “I’m A Lady” and a bit of country and classic rock swagger.

While I’m not at all well versed in the references that should come to mind with Page’s music, I can appreciate the fact that Page is talented, and that her songs are indeed good and catchy. Therefore, she gets the MuuMuse seal of approval.

“On Your Head” will be released on May 24.

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