Hanne Mjøen Emotional Fever

Hanne Mjøen’s ‘Emotional Fever’ Is Norwegian Pop Excellence

The rising Norwegian pop star turns mixed feelings into sticky melodies.

When I think you’re the one that I can’t live without, I just wanna leave you…

Meet Hanne Mjøen, your newest notable Norwegian singer-songwriter crush. (In Scandinavia, We Trust.)

The rising Oppdal-born star, who has already penned tracks with the likes of Astrid S, as well as writing R3HAB‘s “You Could Be” and appearing on Felix Cartal‘s “My Last Song,” just arrived this month with a brand new tune called “Emotional Fever,” the latest (and title track!) off of her forthcoming EP, due out on September 17.

The conflicted, hot-and-cold electro-pop tune was co-written with Olivia Sebastianelli (Gabrielle Aplin) and produced by Toby Scott, and supplies some strong Dagny vibes (a la “Love You Like That”), as well as , Marlene and Sigrid. Basically, they should all come together and form a Nordic Main Pop Girl super-group – The Norlegends, perhaps.

Miss Mjøen is providing all of the inner turmoil on her latest offering: “When I look deep into your eyes, it’s like I see the rest of my life / Then I turn and I break your gaze / Who needs pure real love anyways?

“I wrote this song with the thought of having mixed feelings about someone, and not being able to decide if the person is right for you or not,” she explains.

“One moment it feels like forever, and the next you get a panic attack and you just want to leave. And it feels like a fever because of the sudden changes you have no control over. Let me know if you can relate.” Hanne, I’m gay. Of course I do.

Honestly I don’t what I’m feeling / Or if I’ll ever be sure / Spend another night staring at my ceiling / Then maybe I’ll know” she quietly ponders across the bridge, before diving back into her blissfully synth-y back-and-forth contemplation across a surging beat.

The EP out next month also includes the previously released “Hell With You,” an incredible dance floor dedication to operating on different wavelengths, as well as the depressed-and-dreamy “Too Tired (Don’t Feel A Thing)” – both of which are equally essential, instant earworm pop. All the pulsating angst feels spiritually connected to our beloved Scandi-pop idols who’ve come before, including the Queen herself, Robyn.

Sure, Hanne might not have all of her emotions in check, but she sure does know how to apply them to a pop melody that sticks. Keep running up that therapy bill!

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