Not The Same Girl: Christina Aguilera Performs “Not Myself Tonight” on The Oprah Show

And now, Christina Aguilera‘s first ever performance of “Not Myself Tonight,” done live for the annual ritual sacrifice to the Gods/Oprah (perhaps better known as The O Magazine 10th Anniversary Special.)

She sings live, it is dark, there is lots of smoke on stage, and there are assorted dancers doing moves behind her.

So Gaga.¹

But really, it’s a bit of a non-event, isn’t it? Maybe it’s just me (or the expectations laid out in the video), but I was expecting some instant wardrobe changes. Or some hot ball gag action. Or anything, really.

Solid vocals toward the end though. This isn’t an easy song to sing live, I’m sure.

Oh, And I like the brief women’s lib speech she gives in honor of Mother O. That’s a nice touch.

¹ Not actually Gaga. Fuck off, Gaga stans.