Fefe Dobson: Ghost (Video Premiere)

It’s been seven years since Fefe Dobson first debuted on the music scene, but her name never really altogether disappeared from sight.

There’d always been rumblings of Dobson’s presence, whether as a result of her lost tracks being serviced to other artists (“Don’t Let It Go To Your Head” to Jordin Sparks, for instance) or the ill-fated 2006 sophomore attempt, Sunday Love (which never saw the light of day).

“Ghost” is a very good, very catchy pop song, featuring some growling hooks and a rather menacing bridge (“What’s her name? What’s she like? Would you leave her in the middle of the night?”)

It sounds sort of like an electronic take on a Kelly Clarkson number, though perhaps a little sassier. The video is equally so, as Dobson goes ghoulish (and also quite sexy on the hood of a car!) to try and get revenge on her dirty scoundrel of an ex. I approve of this sort of thing.

The follow-up to Dobson’s debut, Joy, will be released later this summer. Fingers crossed!