MuuTunes: The MuuMuse Approved Tracks For The Week Of April 28, 2014

MuuTunes is back.

Three years (!) later, I’m rebooting this weekly round-up on MuuMuse. Why? Because it’s hard to keep up (Can you keep up? Baby boy!) with all the new tunes debuting on the daily.

This is an opportunity to hear all of the songs I’ve been buh-buzzin’ about over the past few weeks in one handy playlist, along with some blabbering and #MuuMusePromo below, in case you’d like to see the original stories.

Here’s what I’m genuinely listening to on re-pe-peat the moment (at least, when it comes to streamable content). Please enjoy!


1.) Lana Del Rey, “West Coast” (Original Post)

Lana and her bad baby are cruising down deep into tempo-shifting, sun-soaked delirium for the first taste of Ultraviolence, served up alongside The Black KeysDan Auerbach.

2.) Heartsrevolution, “Kishi Kaisei”

Discovered on tastemaker label Kitsuné’s upcoming America 3 compilation, the playfully youthful, dreamy electro-pop by Brooklyn dance punk troupe Heartsrevolution pays tribute to an amazing Japanese term, meaning quite literally: “Wake from death and return to life.”

3.) Lykke Li, “No Rest For The Wicked” (Original Post)

One of the many anthemic slices of heartbreak from Lykke Li’s sobering new break-up record, I Never Learn.

4.) Brooke Candy, “Opulence” (Original Post)

Twerk-friendly, booty bouncin’ salaciousness from rap’s rising, hell-raising cuntroversial princess — and the video goes there.

5.) Janet Jackson, “Luv” (Original Post)

Jimmy Jam suggested that the industry’s most underappreciated pop diva’s got “news” for us soon, so I’ve been falling into a Miss Janet K-hole ever since.

6.) Ariana Grande, “Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea)” (Original Post)

The Ying Yang Twins‘ “Wait (The Whistle Song)” meets J.Lo‘s “Get Right” in a slice of sax-heavy, summer-friendly kiss-off breeziness.

7.) Cher Lloyd, “Bind Your Love” (Original Post)

Cher Lloyd is hitting us with pure teeny-bop gold, mined from the makers of One Direction‘s biggest hits.

8.) TOURIST, “I Can’t Keep Up (feat. Will Heard)” (Original MTV Buzzworthy Post)

There are far more interesting things happening on the dance floor than the pop scene in 2014 — and that includes UK import TOURIST’s mesmerizingly devastating “I Can’t Keep Up” with Will Heard. (“Will someone ever show me love/Won’t somebody give a fuck?” is a line that won’t leave my mind anytime soon…)

9.) Cher Lloyd, “Sirens” (Original Post)

Not one, but two servings of Cher: Simply put, it’s one of the greatest pop power ballads I’ve heard this year.

10.) Sia, “Chandelier” (Original Post)

A sobering cautionary tale, armed with an indie singer-songwriter kind of depth with the soaring hooks of a Top 40 radio smash — and still very much one of the best songs of the year.

11.) Robyn & Royksopp, “Do It Again” (Original Post)

Robyn and Royksopp, two of Scandinavia’s most prized exports, have gone and done it again with the best ode to repetition since Daft Punk’s “One More Time.” Do it again, again, and then again.

12.) Kelis, “Hooch”

Kelis is a khameleon — she’s tackled R&B, electronica, hip-hop and rock in years past — and her new record Food‘s seriously hitting the spot with its homegrown, horn-heavy nu-soul.

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Lykke Li, ‘I Never Learn’: A Heavy-Hearted Opus (Album Review)

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