A few weeks ago I introduuced the Jessie and the Toy Boys, the sugar-coated side project by Xenomania songwriter, Jessie Malakouti.

Now, I come bearing excluusives!

Click above to hear a full-length stream of Jessie’s newest track, “Key to The City.”

The song, produced by Richard Vission, is an explosive, surging youth anthem a la Kim Wilde‘s “Kids in America,” albeit more grown-up: “We’re smokin’ the chronic, we’re hooked on the phonics / We eat rock ‘n’ roll,” Malakouti merrily chirps during the first verse. Cue the explosion of electric guitars and synth beats immediately thereafter.


To hear and see more from Jessie, check out her official website, her tweets, her Facebook, and her newly created YouTube channel, which features Malakouti dancing around like a loon upon hearing “Key to the City” being played for the first time on radio.