Oh boy…now this is a real treat.

Click above to watch the brand new video for “Hang With Me,” Robyn‘s upcoming single from her soon-to-be-released EP, Body Talk Pt. 2.

The clip follows the singer on her recent touring adventures, all gorgeously shot by director Max Vitali.

This video will prove to be an instant favorite for hardcore fans, offering a rare, intimate glimpse of Robyn as a pop star. While there’s loads of great footage following the singer on roller coasters and performing in front of massive crowds, the best moments are the ones pictured above–smiling simply all on her own.

From her official website, “Hang With Me” will be released “6th August in Scandinavia / 17th August in the US and Canada / 3rd September in Germany, Switzerland and Holland / 5th September in the UK and Australia.”