In 1917, Eleanor Roosevelt climbed atop the family dining room during a rager at the Roosevelt’s summer cottage in Campobello Island, New Brunswick and famously slurred the words: “Fuck haters, get paid. Party hard, get laid.”*

Obviously Aleesia‘s been doing her history homework, because nowhere has this sentiment been better manifested than in her brand new video for her current single, “Life Of The Party.”

Watch as the sexy, fun Toronto-born songstress and her sexy, fun friends try on clothes in the massive walk-in closet of a lavish L.A. mansion, bust up a snoozy, stuffy black-tie shindig (totes lame!) with their brightly colored pastel tutus and questionable headpieces made of tulle, and dance it the fuck OUT. I mean…for God’s sake, there is a man wearing a shirt that says “I HEART HATERS”! What more do you actually need?! Answer: NOTHING.

Even all of the haters are showing love!

*According to Nicole Scherzinger, anyway.

“Life of the Party” was released on June 7 in Canada. (iTunes Canada)