Dear xenophobic US/UK Muusers: It’s about to get a little weird for you right about now.

I’ve never much been into C-Pop. J-Pop? Yes. K-Pop? Oh, sure. But C-Pop? Meh…it just seems a bit too overwhelming (and/or generic).

There has, however, been a recent exception in Jolin Tsai.

Though her name’s always sort of followed me along, I’ve never actually looked into her music until last week after taking a listen to her latest studio effort, Myself, released on August 13.

“Honey Trap” is the lead single from Myself, and one of the first songs from Asia that’s caused me to sit up and go “ZOMG” since, hmm–maybe Namie Amuro‘s “WHAT A FEELING” back in 2008?

While the song is pure, pumping electronic goodness, the video makes the experience even better. Directed by Korean director Cha Eun Taek (which probably explains why this feels like a K-Pop music video), Tsai goes “Vogue”-meets-Star Trek on the set of “Bad Romance” in this very hip, very futuristic dance-infused visual treat. And that dance breakdown at the end? Girlllll.

According to her Wiki page, Tsai even took lessons with “vogue teacher” Benny Ninja of America’s Next Top Model to make sure she got those authentic hand moves down. Now that is some realness.


Myself was released on August 13. To order the album, click here.