Introduucing…Miriam Bryant!


Meet 22-year-old Swedish songbird, Miriam Bryant.

Perhaps you already know her from “Push Play,” which was given a thumping electronic makeover by Zedd and featured on the deluxe edition of his album, Clarity. Or, if you found yourself in Europe last year, you already know Miriam from her song “Finders Keepers,” which had massive success on the German charts.

But if you don’t know her at all, consider this a formal introduction.

Miriam has an immediately arresting voice — it’s pure, powerful and incredibly soulful — sort of like Adele, but #SomethingMoreSwedish. Her songs are slightly more intriguing and darker production-wise as well, blending flourishes of orchestral loveliness with textured electronica.

After dropping her full-length debut in Sweden earlier this year, the songstress signed with Interscope Records stateside and released her debut (in sampler form), the Push Play EP, in October.

“Raised In Rain” is the latest song pulled from the EP (the visual dropped today on VEVO), and it’s a real beauty: The slow-building ballad moves along across lush, powerful instrumentation (that sort of sounds like a distant cousin to Utada‘s “Sakura Drops”? I might be dreaming that comparison up), as she croons away her heartbreaking tale: “Pull me out before I drown in this shallow part of town / Tired eyes and dirty minds chasing what we left behind,” she belts.

Liking what you hear? Well, good.

Give the Push Play EP a listen in full on Spotify or iTunes — “Bleeding Out” and “Alone Isn’t Lonely” (too real Miriam, God) are my two personal favorites of the moment.

I’m anticipating big things from Miriam in 2014.

The ‘Push Play’ EP was released on October 8. (iTunes)

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