Daily B: New Britney Coming Soon…But Not Yet.

I knew it!

Despite a torrent of rumors hitting the blogosphere as of late, there is NO new Britney music on the horizon right now.

Direct from Adam Leber‘s Twitter:

No new music news right now….Wish people wouldn’t mislead you guys with BS info. Not cool! PS- The guys that ARE working on Brit’s next album ARE NOT talking about it…Brit has a new mag cover & spread coming out in the next month or so which is going to be SICK! Will let Brit reveal the details herself. Stay tuned….

As for that “not talking about it” bit? Can’t help but assume that’s a slight against Darkchild and his “coming soon” promises during a recent Ustream session.

I’m as much of a Britney dreamer as the next stan (just kidding, I’m better), but even I’m keeping it real enough to know that it’s just too soon to be getting giddy. The label is still accepting submissions and calling on writers–it’s not single time yet!

Besides…I have my own sources. I wouldn’t be so sure new music wasn’t coming right now if I didn’t have some idea of what’s going on. La la la…

Give it time, friends. You know she’s going to dominate when the time is right. She ALWAYS does.

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