There are “mood” genres that need no real explanation: “Crying At The Discotheque,” of course – beyond being a great Alcazar song – is one of them.

Rising Australian singer-songwriter Hatchie, born Harriette Pilbeam, has just thrown her hat(chie) into the sad disco ring with “Stay With Me,” a dreamy and devastating offering from her upcoming debut album, Keepsake, due out on June 21.

“‘Stay With Me’ was written as a writing exercise in an effort to step away from my usual style into something more fun and dancey. We originally wrote it with someone else in mind, but realized it was the perfect fit for my album as I wanted to expand into a different sound. It became one of my favourite songs on the record because I’m a sucker for crying-in-the-club tracks,” she explains.

Like all of the best songs of the genre, the track blends lush, danceable beats with a faded, it’s-2 AM-and-I’m-still-dancing-out-the-demons kind of feeling. It’s straightforward, but there’s such gut-wrenching devastation in lines like “Why don’t you stay with me? ‘Cause I’m not done” and “Even when you’re gone, I feel like you’re the one who’s won.

So go on, get out there, have yourself a little cry and keep dancing on your own.

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“Stay With Me” was released on April 4. (iTunes)

Photo Credit: Joe Agius