Somewhere, in a land not so far away (Somerset, England, to be exact), there exists a small village named Godney.

We the Devout Believers in Godney have always known Kentwood to be the almighty Holy Grounds for our Spearitual pilgrimages, during which we grab our Strawberry Frappes, hop into our Mercedes and drive down to Louisiana to light vanilla candles, watch Sex & The City on DVD, do the emails, baptize ourselves in the pouring rain, strip tease like a hmmm drippin’ sweat and rid ourselves of Toxic individuals and Womanizers.

But Godney (of the England variety) is now getting attention for all the right reasons: Britney (bitch).


Last night, the Living Legend took some time away from…uh, David…to officially bless the town:

Show some love to Mr Hey and the Sheppey Inn, in the UK since you guys hijacked the name of his town http://bit.ly/Zbu7Rc :)

To make a long story short: Mr. Hey is the landlord of a pub called the Sheppey Inn in Godney. When he tried to get cool and funky by promoting his pub on the Internetz, he noticed that the #hashtag results for #Godney kept getting BIG-GAH:

“When we first took over the pub, I thought I’d use the power of social media to promote the Sheppey Inn,” said Mark Hey, landlord at the pub. “It made sense to use the hashtag Godney, but everything I wrote just got lost in tweets from Britney fans. And of course, the moment they found out that the village existed, that hashtag was full of people OMGing and saying they were going to move to Somerset. “It was quite funny, but it meant that everything was getting lost in a mire of nuttiness.”

We’re sorry, Mr. Hey!

This means two important things: One, the Holy Spearit has finally recognized her true name, which has been tattooed on our arms as a lucky charm (REFERENCE.)

And secondly, start converting your dollars into pounds and practicing your Britishney accent (Remember: It’s pronounced “awl eyes on os“)—’cause we’re all officially going abroad!


Photo via Flickr.