Let the record show: I love Keri Hilson. I think she has an excellent knack for songcraft, a lovely voice, and keen insight into the music industry.

Well, not so much the latter right now.

Hours ago, Hilson premiered “Breaking Point” on Atlanta radio station V-103, the debut Timbaland-produced single from her upcoming sophomore studio effort. You can now hear it at The Fader.

Spoiler alert: It sucks.

No, really: There’s no melody. No hooks. It’s completely and utterly tuneless. There’s literally nothing redeeming, exciting or memorable about this song.

Church organs and soulful crooning enter at random on top of an uninspired Timba beat, desperately attempting to come together as a kind of female empowerment anthem. Instead, the song falls flat on its erratic face.

I just don’t understand how the writer responsible for such a strong debut record (“Alienated,” “Energy”), as well as such smashes as Britney‘s “Gimme More,” “Break The Ice,” and the massively underrated bonus track, “Outta This World,” could produce something like this as a comeback of sorts. It’s not strong enough to be considered as an album track- let alone a single!

I gave it a second, and then a third listen thinking that perhaps “Breaking Point” would be a grower for me. It’s not–just the reverse effect, actually.

Step your game up, Miss Keri Baby. You can do so, so much better.