In case you were wondering: I’m watching this season of X Factor.

In case you couldn’t tell from the incessant tweeting, I’m watching X Factor this year from start to finish, courtesy a live feed from some British dude’s television. And yes, I have a favorite.

If I haven’t already shoved her down your throat, this is Cher Lloyd, the swagger-ific 16-year-old rap/singing sensation. I first fell in love (as everyone else did) with her audition– a cover of Soulja Boy‘s “Turn My Swag On” (as later recorded by Keri Hilson.)

All in all, the performance was completely unexpected, a little strange, and utterly amazing: She belts! She riffs! She smirks! She snarls! She’s also a complete nervous wreck. There’s something distinctly on-the-verge-of-a-trainwreck about her as a person, and yet she’s brilliant in the end. At least…during her first audition.

During X Factor boot camp (last night’s episode), Cher performed an–interesting? Let’s go with interesting–rendition of Coldplay‘s “Viva La Vida,” complete with a damning opening rap about Tiger Woods and Jerusalem and bombs. See, she simply tried to squeeze too much into an already challenging number, resulting in a hodgepodge of rapping and soaring choruses and–oh, it was a mess.

BUT it was an elegant and unique mess, as Scherzy Baby pointed out (truly the savior for so many contestants this weekend), and thus she was allowed through to the next round. HUZZAH!

Now Cher’s back in business–ready for the judges’ house episodes (such a weird concept). To further seal the deal, Cher’s just been paired with none other than Cheryl Cole for mentoring on tonight’s episode–an almost surefire combo deal to snatch the title of X Factor‘s next big thing (even if she doesn’t win the title itself–just look at Diana Vickers!)

And so that is that. The fun starts up again this weekend, and now you know who I’m rooting for.

PS: We also quite like Rebecca, Katie, The Reason, Husstle, and Aiden here at MuuMuse, as well as all of your silly British commercials.

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