And now for some modern sounding electro-pop.

Chris Sorbello is an up-and-coming Aussie pop chanteuse, signed under Ministry of Sound.

As a song/act, there’s nothing in Sorbello’s shtick we haven’t already seen or heard from the best of the best (Britney, Kylie, Gaga etc.), but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have anything good to offer.

Also, her last name sounds like a type of mushroom, and I find that sort of thing silly.

Her debut single, the Minogue-esque “So Lonely,” was released on April 9 of this year and charted at #39 on the ARIA Singles Chart (#5 on the Australia only singles chart). It’s pretty decent.

Now she’s back. Or rather, she’s still here, but with her next single in tow: “Dangerzone.”

Overall, “Dangerzone” is a solid pop stormer. It’s not anything on the level of, say, Rachel StevensCome And Get It (I’d be more apt to draw similarities to Holly Valance), but it’s a fun little ride nonetheless.

Plus, that “We were talkin’, just talkin'” bit really works for me.

For more information on Chris Sorbello, check out her official website.