There were five things that immediately drew me to HerStory:

1.) Their name, which is ridiculous.
2.) The following line from the press release: “From the Supremes to Destiny’s Child, the R&B girl group has solidified its place in music. It’s time to welcome the future.”
3.) The fact that one of them (Miriah) is wearing a Grace Jones tee in their promo pictures.
4.) Their brief-but-amazing cover of Alicia Keys‘ “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready).”
5.) A promising first single.

And now, a proper introduction. CUE THE PRESS RELEASE:

Meet the girls of HerStory: Marissa, Miriah and Asia – three young women from Los Angeles with a story to tell, and the voices to carry out their tale.

In 2008 their paths merged when Marissa, 19, Miriah, 18, and Asia, 19, met during a private audition in Los Angeles. Though coming from diverse backgrounds, including musical theatre and professional dance, the girls developed a close bond through the audition process, resulting in a stunning musical partnership

Alright, enough of that.

“Mack’n” is the debut single off of the group’s upcoming debut EP, Every Girl Has A Story. The song, which samples a line from Notorious B.I.G.‘s classic “Big Poppa,” is a delicious slow-sliding slice of modern R&B. I’m utterly obsessed with the chorus, and cannot wait to butcher the soaring “I just wanna let you know / You can try all you want” bit while belting this one out alone in my car.

Ciara, Brandy, DC3 and Danity Kane and everything else in between? Yep–I’m hearing all sorts of comparable sounds.

They’ve all got beautiful voices individually (check their YouTube account to see each member sing solo songs), but it’s the group’s harmonization–a skill that’s taken a backseat for most modern girl bands–that truly sets them apart as a quality act in my eyes/ears.

Aside from the silly name, I’m loving this group so far. Ready for more, please!

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