Nadine Coyle Rolls Out Solo Campaign, Offers Preview of New Single “Insatiable”

WOW. So, so much happening in the world of Nadine Coyle.

For starters, the internationally adored and soon-to-be-legendary Irish chanteuse got her own official website, which is just chock full of information and pictures and tantalizing headers and links like “TOUR” and “US ITUNES.” (Don’t tease, m’lady. Are you releasing something stateside?)

Along with, we’ve also gotten a minute snippet of Coyle’s debut solo single, “Insatiable,” co-written with Guy Chambers.

The song is perhaps most comparable to something like The Aloud‘s “The Promise,” in that it is very BIG and amazing with big, live horns, some electric guitar, and a massively triumphant beat. Mizz Coyle really shines vocally here which should come as no surprise, seeing as she’s always supplied the strongest pipes from her girl group roots. (I don’t mean to make the Aloud sound past tense. Have I? Oh dear.)

It’s big and rocking–almost like an Anastacia (circa 2003/4) track–which means that it will probably go over exceptionally well when performed live.

As far as Insatiable is concerned (to be released on November 8), the site’s press release reports that Coyle worked with William Orbit, Toby Gad, and Desmond Child on the 13 tracks that made the album, along with some as-of-yet unnamed newbies.

And as for that Tesco deal?

After considering numerous offers from several major record companies worldwide, she made the innovative decision to sign a deal with retail giant Tesco, who will stock the album exclusively. ‘So much has changed in the way artists work now’ explains Nadine, ‘I think we have learned that the traditional model for selling an album isn’t the only way of doing things. To be able to create an album where you are in complete control of your own work is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an artist.’

Go ahead and make your own assessment on that one.

Mr. Disco Pop did a delicious little write-up after hearing some tracks from Nuhdeen’s upcoming album, which he describes as “almost exclusively recorded with ‘real’ instruments, which goes along nicely with the sound and feel of Insatiable‘s lead single.

All in all, this all feels like a very BIG musical event, and the first truly major entrant into the end-of-year hype machine. There’s certainly a lot of excitement in the e-air…I’m pumped to hear more!

New Details About Nadine Coyle’s Upcoming Solo Album, ‘Insatiable’

New Details About Nadine Coyle’s Upcoming Solo Album, ‘Insatiable’

This is the first promotional shot from Nadine Coyle‘s upcoming solo

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