Grab the poppers and start applying the glitter, boys: It’s time for a proper dance floor stormer!

While gallivanting around NYC on Halloween this past Saturday in a mesh top and little else, I accidentally happened upon this choice track on the radio during a long taxi ride downtown. Immediately, I was HOOKED. (Not to be confused with a hooker, which is what a policeman mistook me for earlier in the night. I digress.)

“Take Over Control” is the latest single from DJ Afrojack, which features Dutch singer Eva Simons on vocals (whose debut single “Silly Boy” rose to very minor fame last year after being mistaken for a Lady Gaga demo on YouTube.) Hey, fake it ’til you make it, right?

The song, which seems to be an ode to power bottoming or something (“Just wanna fulfill your needs while you taking over me / So what do you want now?”), is a full-on raunch fest of dirty synthesizers and smashing beats. “Plug it in and turn me on,” Simon sings before the song’s most fabulous and filthy beat drop. Naughty goodness! (LISTEN)

The video for the song was just released a few weeks ago. It’s kind of like a cross between District 9 and the bus scene in Jeepers Creepers II featuring sexy cheerleaders rummaging through heaps of junk metal (with dance breaks in between). Therefore, it is mostly amazing. (WATCH)

I want you to take over control. Take over control. Take, take over control. OOFAH!

“Take Over Control” was digitally released on September 14. (iTunes)