First was Chezza. Then came Nuhdeen. Now, it’s time for Kimba to shine.

Kimberley Walsh is officially the third Girls Aloud gal to give it a go on her own with “Like U Like,” a collaboration with the UK’s answer to Pitbull/professional Ali G lookalike, Aggro Santos.

Today, the video (and song!) premiered on Aggro Santos’ YouTube channel. (WATCH)

The most important thing to take away from this cautionary tale about speed dating is that Kimberley is looking ‘quite fit’: The sexed-up hair and booty-against-the-bright-lights are doing really good things for her (even if she does look a bit Cheryl.)

As far as the song goes, here are a few objective facts about “Like U Like”:

+ It’s a fairly anonymous dance-pop affair.
+ It’s a grower. Each play has gotten better.
+ Kimba’s chorus is pretty catchy and great-ish.
+There is far too little Kimberley Walsh on this song.
+ There is far too much Aggro Santos on this song.
+ “AY AY AY AY AY.” That’s a good part.
+ It will likely perform decently on the charts.
+ It is not the greatest song that Aggro Santos has ever recorded with an ex-girl group member named Kimberly(ey). For that, please see “Candy,” featuring the Pussycat Dolls‘ (and legendary Her Majesty & The Wolves co-founder/Andy Warhol of our generation) Kimberly Wyatt.

All this being said: Let’s cut the shit. Regroup, Girls Aloud. Regroup.

If not? Nicola or bust.

“Like U Like” will be released on January 17.